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Increasing both energy and power density and safety at a reasonable cost in Solid State Battery Technology

What is Solid State?

Solid state is a very broad term for the reduction or elimination of all liquid or semi-liquid materials in a battery and results in a completely solid battery. Current batteries have liquid electrolytes that are usually some sort of gel. Solid state technology, such as the one developed by Elecjet, replaces the liquid electrolyte with a solid sheet-like material such as ceramic oxide. The reduction in size of liquid electrolyte to solid electrolyte is dramatic.

Since the liquid electrolyte originally contributed to a very large amount of a battery’s volume, this means the battery, as a whole, sees a very dramatic size reduction. This is why solid-state batteries such as the ones being developed by Elecjet see improvements of energy density ranging from 30% to 100%.
Solid State

Battery Technology


The AX-01 is a 31Ah cell that is an ultra-safe version that can withstand a variety of survivability use cases. The AX-01 withstood several physical abuse tests of being punctured, then folded, and finally crumpled while still holding a charge. The cell was also put through a temperature destruction test where the cell survived to a temperature of 428 degrees Fahrenheit (220 degrees Celsius).


The AX-02 is a 31Ah cell that is an energy dense cell that also has a high degree of survivability but trades some of the safety materials features of the AX-01 for much high power densities and high life cycles. The AX-02 has the capability to charge at 4C. This means that the battery can fully charge in just 15 minutes. The AX-02 is also capable of 7C discharging and over 2,400 life cycles


The AX-03 is a 40Ah cell that will be the next evolution in our solid-state batteries bringing the benefits of both the AX-01 and the AX-02. The AX-03 will be another step above the AX-01 in terms of safety performance as it sheds even more traditional battery materials. The AX-03 will also have similar power density as the AX-02 with 4C charging and 6C discharging (both continuous). The AX-03 can accomplish all of this while being even more energy dense than the AX-01 and AX-02, graduating from 280 Wh/kg to 360 Wh/kg, a 34% increase in energy density.

Features & Benefits of our
Solid-State Technology

Energy Density

The energy density of batteries of similar electrical performance is increased from 30% to 100%, depending on application.

Thermal Safety

Solid-State batteries are able to operate in a wider range of temperatures than traditional batteries, surviving thermal runaway up to 428°F whereas traditional lithium batteries experience thermal runaway at around 266°F.

Power Density

Energy density is improved while C rates are improved. This leads to an incredibly enhanced power density that is several folds better. Not only will we get more capacity for batteries or range for EV’s, but we will also see a dramatic increase in power output

Longer Life Cycle

Capabilities of charging at 4C and discharging at 7C rates for over 2,400 life cycles in as little as 15 minutes

Reliable & Stable

Elecjet’s true Solid-State battery cells were put through rigorous “physical abuse safety” tests by third party tester, The battery Innovation Center to determine reliability and stability..

The AX-01 was folded in half as part of the “physical abuse” testing

The AX-01 cell survived to a temperature of 428°F (210°C) during the “physical abuse” testing
AX-01 cell withstood being punctured by a nail as part of the “phsyical abuse” testing

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