Who We Are

Elecjet specializes in developing super fast charging, graphene battery and solid-state battery cell solutions. For the past 11 years, our research and development team has been committed to advancing charging performance and battery life.
Elecjet holds patents in fast-charging battery solutions and provisional patents in solid-state battery cell technology.

Elecjet maintains that it has the only publicly known solid-state battery production currently available.

State of the Industry

As EV technology becomes more popular, the demand for improvements in battery technologies and production have skyrocketed. Current battery technologies have largely not changed much in the last couple decades. But batteries based on LiFePo and NMC are reaching their limits in terms of how much energy they can pack. Logically, the next step to increase energy density would require a fundamental change such as solid-state battery technology. Solid state batteries have become an incredibly hot topic drawing interest from investors and engineers alike and is seen as a technological evolution such as 5G. However, this has led to many companies searching to generate hype rather than deliver on actual goods.

BatteryEnergy Density (Wh/L)Energy Density (Wh/kg)PuncturedFoldedSurvive up to 210°C
AX01/02 (in mass production)682294
AX03 (2022/2023)800360
Panasonic NRC18650B580265
Solid Power (Target930390
Quantum Scape1000400
Most notable leaders in the industry are Quantumscape, Solid Power and Prolongium. All of these companies are extremely large companies backed with plenty of funding that have made huge strides in developing and prototyping batteries. The self-announced specs also surpass the current BIC tested specs of AX01 and AX02 but it should be noted that none of these batteries have reached scalable production like Elecjet .

Challenges of Solid State

Although solid-state is the clearest path forward regarding improvements on the energy density of batteries, making a solid-state battery ready for production is an immense task that no one at the moment has successfully done. This is why Elecjet’s low initial production capability (that is currently ready for customers to purchase and use) is a landmark in the industry, producing 160K cells per month.
Bringing a solid-state battery to market has many issues. The first being able to find what kinds of materials can even work properly. The purpose of an electrolyte in a battery is to allow electrical current flow between the anode and cathode. Liquids and gels can make great contact between the two electrodes, but it is much harder to do with solid materials. Solutions that are found to work also usually have tradeoffs that are unacceptable for practical applications. Additionally, finding a commercial friendly process and integrating the solution into something that is scalable has also proven to be difficult. Most companies only focus on one of these steps due to it being much easier to generate hype (usually for investment purposes) by producing one off prototypes.
Elecjet believes in developing the entire “kill chain” (aka trial and error) from development of a battery, to actual consumer deployment. The AX01 and AX02 are currently for sale to customers while the AX03 will be for sale by late 2022/early 2023, eventually replacing both models. On top of commercial sales of solid-state battery cells, Elecjet will be producing the first consumer products to include solid state batteries in late 2022/early 2023. Elecjet has a history of taking our battery technology and going the next step by developing our own consumer products to prove that our technology is more than just hype. Elecjet plans to launch consumer products with solid state technology by the end of 2022/beginning of 2023.